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Harrison Ford Brutally Murders Jared Leto During “Blade Runner 2” Production

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – Tragedy struck the currently filming production on Tuesday of upcoming Denis Villeneuve film, tentatively titled Blade Runner 2, when film star Harrison Ford brutally murdered award-winning actor Jared Leto in the apartment building that had been rented out for the film cast and crew.

At some point that Tuesday evening, the cast and crew returned to the downtown Budapest apartment, and they found a grisly scene of Leto’s remains the following morning, blood and entrails caking the walls and ceiling, with Harrison Ford sitting in the recliner, smoking a cigar and having a glass of whiskey. “Someone isn’t getting their safety deposit back,” said landlord Bertok Benedek.

Jared Leto plays a replicant in the 1982 film’s sequel, a race of fictional bioengineered androids designed for dangerous menial labor in offworld colonies. Harrison Ford returns as Rick Deckard, a titular blade runner, a man trained to hunt down and “retire” replicants on Earth. “I’m getting on in years. I thought I would give method acting a try, get into Deckard’s head,” he said dourly.

Leto was no stranger to method acting himself. To get into the mind of the Joker for 2016’s Suicide Squad, it was reported that Leto had sent a dead pig with its throat slit to Will Smith and used condoms to Viola Davis. “It’s the exact kind of randomly twisted thing the Joker would do,” he said.

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