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VCU Men’s Basketball Prepares To Take On U of R In Football Match

RICHMOND, Va. – Due to their recent success in regional & NCAA tournaments, Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) men’s basketball team is currently set to take on their rival, University of Richmond, in an exhibition football match. The announcement comes with the hopes of VCU starting their own varsity football team.

“We’ve been doing so well at basketball, so we think we’re ready to expand our horizons and try other sports,” said current head coach Will Wade at a recent press conference. “The boys are confident that they can take on the Spiders and pave the way for matches to come.”

Despite its increasing student & community population, VCU does not have an official varsity football team. VCU Men’s Basketball has taken the city by storm over the years, having made it to the NCAA semifinals in 2011.

“We couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been converting our playbook to flow with football, and it’s going to be a slaughter,” exclaimed point guard JeQuan Lewis.

While the final roster hasn’t been revealed, there have been some rumors coming from the team camp, notably from guard Doug Brooks. “I’m not saying Mo is going to be the QB, but I’m not saying he isn’t.”

The public response has from the Richmond community has been very positive in support of the match. However, there have been criticisms from many, including former head coach Shaka Smart. In a recent interview, Smart claimed that the idea was “absolutely absurd” and “not even a real challenge for VCU,” going on to say that “VCU should’ve challenged the Denver Broncos for a proper challenge instead of the freakin’ Spiders. I mean, seriously?”

The match is set to take place at the Siegel Center later this year.

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