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Trump Relaxes In Locker Room, Calls Friends, After Debate

ST. LOUIS, Mo.  After surviving another round of questions aimed at his controversial statements & actions, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump returned to his locker room after the debate to cool down and relax. Trump, who has recently come under fire from audio recordings that reveal him making derogatory remarks towards women, retired to his locker room in calm fashion, where he immediately jumped onto Twitter to read all the responses to his debate. “Everyone says I made offensive remarks to women?” commented a visibly frustrated Trump. “Oh please. That’s what the problem – the real problem is – with this country. We take everything way too far, and the media goes ballistic. Like I said in front of that sniveling crook, Hillary: There’s nobody nicer to women than myself. I know the best women, seriously the best. And you can bet they’ll all vouch for my behavior.” Trump was also held a conference phone call with many of his friends and supporters, which included vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, as well as Jerry Sandusky, Brock Turner, and celebrities such as Scott Baio, Jon Voight, and Tila Tequila. Sandusky assured him, “Don’t let them get to you, Donnie. You ain’t said or done nothing wrong. The media is just spreadin’ lies and half-truth hearsay.”

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