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Virginia DMV Adopts New Slogan “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here”

RICHMOND, Va.  The Virginia Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has officially adopted the phrase “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” as their new slogan with the overall goal of improving customer satisfaction ratings. The new motto serves as a move to improve the department’s customer service by setting realistic expectations for customers that can be both met and exceeded. In a recent statement, a spokesperson for the DMV confirmed that the department plans to inscribe the phrase above the entrance to each location, as well as in letterheads and mail documents. In addition to the new slogan, the DMV plans to enhance the customer experience by dimming the lights at each location, issuing a new employee dress code that calls for all employees to wear dark robes, and installing nine layers of screening that each customer will pass through to ensure they’re sent to the correct window. The exteriors and parking lots of each location will also feature directional signs in Tuscan writing (with some pyrotechnics added in some stores) at a vestibule for each customer to enter through.

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