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Feud Erupts Between Bruce Hornsby and Ghost of 2pac

WILLIAMSBURG, Va.  As a result on an ongoing dispute between the two artists, Bruce Hornsby has allegedly started a full-blown feud with the ghost of deceased rap artist Tupac Shakur (commonly known as 2pac). The two artists were previously linked when 2pac sampled Hornsby And The Range’s “The Way It Is” for his 1998 release “Changes,” which went on to become one of his most popular songs. However, Hornsby has since gone on to claim that 2pac had wrongly used his music, and that there was no prior agreement nor consent given for the sampling. In a recent tweet, Hornsby stated: “I never gave 2pac permission to sample my masterpiece in the first place,” and he continued with aggressive threats, declaring war on the departed rapper. Hornsby also went on to taunt that “no hologram in the universe will stand between me and my justice.” The ghost of the late 2pac could not be reached, but sources close to him revealed that he was already working on a proper diss track that will put “Hit ‘Em Up” to shame, and that “the track will surely be released on his next posthumous release.”

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