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New Virginia Winery Built Over Ancient Powhatan Burial Ground

STAUNTON, Va. A new winery currently under construction is raising concerns from residents & heritage groups due to it’s location on a sacred Powhatan burial ground. The winery, Ashburne Vineyards, has purchased the land with the intention of growing their own grapes over the fields that have served as a resting place for deceased Powhatan officials since the 17th century. The company behind the venture, Ashburne LLC, has claimed they didn’t know the area was sacred land, and has continued to say that the decision to build the winery at the location was based on both economic & scenic factors . “We had no idea this was a burial ground when we started a few months ago,” a spokesperson for the company said in a recent statement. “Seriously. We figured the blood-like liquid that kept oozing through our foundations was just bad irrigation or something.” In response to the negative publicity & accusations of infringing upon sacred land, the winery is offering discounted tours for Virginia citizens, and has promised to change the name of one of their signature wines, which is a merlot titled “Chief’s Private Stock.”

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