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UPDATE: Canada Continues Construction On Border Length Wall, “Just In Case”

OTTAWA, CANADA As a result of Trump’s recent executive orders involving immigration and security, Canadian officials have announced further construction of a defensive wall to prevent any “hostile & unruly citizens from crossing over.”

The plans for the wall were revealed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a recent conference. The wall is expected to be approximately 20 ft high, and to extend from the Pacific coastline at Vancouver to St. Andrews on the Atlantic side.

The Canadian government was not quiet about the reason for the wall. “We’re not saying that our neighbors to the south are all ‘bad guys’ – we assume some are nice people,” mentioned Trudeau at the unveiling. “We’re just doing this as a necessary precaution. Just in case. I mean, look at what they just did. You never know.”

When asked about the financial aspect of constructing the wall, Trudeau confidently asserted that America will be responsible for paying for it. “They’re the reason we’re in this predicament in the first place, it only makes sense that they pay for it – lock, stock, nickel, and dime, all the way. Trump’s obviously a smart business man, he’ll figure it out.”

Many demonstrators, both in support and against the construction of the wall, have also been present at various parts of the wall’s foundations.

American response on the wall has been divided. Some have come out as understanding on the wall, such as Lisa Shelmar of Portland, OR, who commented, “I mean I can see why they’re doing it, I don’t really blame them to be honest. As long as I can still go hiking around British Columbia I’m OK with it.”

On the contrary many have come out as critical of the wall. One person on the “against” side, Jeffery Hankin of Nashville, TN, called the wall “absolutely down right offensive in every form,” and continued on to say, “Who the hell do they think they are, telling us where we can and cannot go? You can bet that Trump is gonna knock that wall down in no time. This is America, and we don’t stand for cowards and their acts of terrorism!”

In response to the above comment, Trudeau almost immediately tweeted the following: “Our point exactly.”

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