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Arthur Ashe Monument Totally Winning At Mannequin Challenge

RICHMOND, Va.  While many individuals and organizations have been swept into the new “Mannequin Challenge” that’s been sweeping the internet, many onlookers have reported that the Arthur Ashe Monument on Monument Avenue is “absolutely kicking all sorts of ass” at challenge.

If you haven’t already seen it, the Mannequin Challenge entails an individual or group of people standing still (like mannequins) throughout a normal part of their daily life or routine. Among all of the participants, many in the local community have been fascinated by the Arthur Ashe Monument’s stone-dead performance.

Christopher Dowells, a nearby resident, said, “He’s perfected it, really. He’s just been standing there, tennis racket in one hand with a book in the other. How his arms aren’t getting tired is beyond me.”

In addition to Ashe, the monument also includes a few children at Ashe’s feet, looking upwards towards him. As one onlooker, Stephanie Helms noted, “The kids at his feet are killing it. It’s an interesting pose they chose; I mean, it looks he’s about to beat them with his racket, and they’re all begging like ‘please don’t!’ Maybe it’s a statement against the breakdown of the family or something.”

Other onlookers have commented on how long the monument has been in on the challenge. Sidney Smith, a downtown resident, couldn’t remember the day he started the challenge. “He’s been like that ever since I started commuting past him to work a few years ago,” she remarked. “Maybe he started this whole craze. Who knows.”

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