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Area Man Gets Lost “Finding Himself” On Appalachian Trail

FRONT ROYAL, Va. – What started out as an adventurous trek through nature for a moment of self-reflection has turned into panic for friends and family of Jonathan Filmore, who has been reported missing after leaving for a hiking excursion on parts of the Appalachian Trail. According to Sarah Parks, a close friend, “He [Jonathan] wanted to get away from his day to day life and find some kind of ‘meaning’ or something. His goal was to come back home with this fresh view of the world around him.” His friends note that he started on the northern end of the trail and had planned to head south. But ever since he failed to show up to a local pub for his usual Thursday night drinking session, also spent in self-reflection, the community has began to worry. “The real irony here is that he actually wanted to get lost. Win-win, I guess?” noted neighbor, Taylor Donahue. “Hopefully he found what he might have been looking for.”

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