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Museum District Resident Upset About Roaches That Don’t Help With Rent

RICHMOND, Va. – Reports are coming in that Adam Weldon, a Museum District resident, has experienced absolutely no help with rent from the roaches that also reside in his un-renovated, single-bedroom fan apartment.

Weldon, a resident of the area since 2014, noted that the roaches arrived not long after he moved in, and have since done nothing to assist with the costs of the apartment.

“All they do is lounge around and eat my leftovers. They don’t contribute shit,” complained Adam. “At least my friend Hank that’s been squatting here since September helps me clean the living room from time to time.”

Weldon also noted that the intrusive roaches haven’t helped outside of amenities and utilities, either. “Aren’t they supposed to at least eat other insects or something? Or am I thinking of the spiders? I can never remember these things.”

Roaches and pests in general are not uncommon throughout the Fan and Museum District areas. Based on other reports, however, this could appear to be an isolated incident. Steven Dowells, a neighbor of Weldon, commented that while he has roaches, they actually help out and improve his quality of living. “Yeah, they eat all of the crud we don’t clean up from the floor, and they always freak my friend Chad out who’s here all the time. No problems here.”

Yet despite other scenarios down the block, it hasn’t been the same for Weldon. In a recent Facebook post, he went on to mention that he’s complained to the landlord about the situation, but the landlord has simply replied that “since they aren’t on the lease, I’m not concerned with it.” Weldon also went on to say that he was willing to give the roaches one last chance to pay some bills, or he was “going ‘Fury Road’ exterminator on their insect faces.”

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