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Scientists Send Rover In Search Of Intelligent Life West Of Interstate 81

STAUNTON, Va.  The age-old question of whether or not there is any organic, intelligent life to the west of Interstate 81 may finally be answered, as representatives at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton have confirmed that they are building a rover that will search the area for any signs of life.

The project has been in development since February 2016, and will mark the debut of the rover Inquisitive. The campaign was announced at a recent press conference.

“We’re eager to explore and to venture where no man has gone before,” said Langley spokesperson Nancy Stevens. “We’ve established that the western part of the state is indeed habitable, and now we aim to make contact with any life that may reside beyond Interstate 81 – intelligent or not.”

Rumors have been circulating for many years regarding what exactly exists beyond the Appalachian Mountains and Shenandoah Valley. Evidence of life has surfaced throughout the years, such as building foundations, what appears to be vast farmland, and numerous broken down Ford F-150s.

Many people have also come forward claiming to have witnessed people indigenous the region, but any genuine evidence has yet to surface. In an interview earlier this year, Troy Barker of Staunton claimed to witness a human-like figure wearing fully camouflaged attire found in a Bass Pro Shops frolicking through the hills near Hot Springs, but his claim was later debunked as non-credible.

NASA plans to dispatch Inquisitive later this year.

“Our goal is to find out once and for all if there are any signs of organic life and habitation out there, and in honor of science and mankind, we won’t stop until we’ve explored every last mile,” Stevens concluded.

“Or until we reach the West Virginia border. Whatever comes first.”


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