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Area Woman Saves On Holiday Shopping By Destroying Meaningful Personal Relationships

HENRICO, VA – For many, the holiday season is plagued by the financial strain of shopping for friends, family, and coworkers. One woman, however, has discovered a way to successfully avoid the stress of buying presents for loved ones and rather save money for luxurious purposes instead.

Henrico resident, Jenna Mullins, has taken to destroying personal relationships with people whom she would normally find on her Christmas list, all in an effort to save money on holiday shopping.

“Every year I feel like I spend too much on Christmas gifts. Getting the new iPhone for my son, or a new toolkit for dad…it all really adds up,” remarked Mullins. “This year, I just figured I could save some real money, so I started sabotaging relationships with basically anyone close to me.”

Mullins has focused exclusively on severing familial and friendly ties throughout the months of November and December. She noted that the results of the presidential election helped her greatly in accomplishing her goal.

“Luckily for me, all I had to do was mention Benghazi at Thanksgiving dinner. One thing led to another, and bang! Half of my family was gone.”

She went on to mention that poor communication skills got her kicked out of the annual “Secret Santa” at her office.

“Back in the fall, I just started hitting ‘reply-all’ to every email I received, and it drove everyone nuts. I wasn’t even invited to participate in Secret Santa. It’s awesome!”

Mullins proudly exclaimed that her idea is working. “So far, I’m about $400 ahead of last year in terms of money saved during the holiday season. This will help me out for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.”

She concluded her interview by announcing she’s already picking out relationships to destroy in anticipation for Christmas 2017.

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