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Couple Spends NYE In Washington, DC For A Night Of Looking For Parking


WASHINGTON, DC – A Virginia couple has embarked on a trip to Washington, DC this New Year’s Eve for a night of celebration, festivities, and unintentional city sightseeing while looking for a place to park.

The journey began yesterday afternoon when Charlottesville couple Jeremy Foster and Lisa Campbell left their homes for a one-night getaway in our nation’s capital. However, plans changed when it became evident that there would be nowhere to park in the city streets. “We had planned to check out a bar that had a champagne toast and everything,” commented Foster. “And we figured that an Uber would have crazy expensive rates since its New Year’s, so we decided to just drive ourselves and park on a street somewhere.”

Campbell recalled her experience as well, noting that their quest for a parking spot began around 11pm EST. “We got into the city without much of a problem, and we didn’t have far to go until we got to the Irish Whiskey Public House. But when we tried to find a place to park, there was nothing – absolutely nothing.”

The journey to find street parking in Washington on one of the biggest party nights of the year deemed futile. Foster noted that they weren’t the only ones in search of a parking space, and any space that appeared to be available was blocked by a fire hydrant. “It was pretty bad. We even saw two other drivers in battle for a space, “jousting” with their cars for a spot on 14th; the guy that lost got knocked out of his car and tumbled down a stairwell to a nearby Metro stop. Hope he’s okay.”

While many would seem deterred at the impossible odds of snagging a free parking space in one of the most congested cities in the country, Campbell and Foster said they made the best of the situation and saw it as an opportunity to check out some of the city.

“We’re optimists, so we saw exploring the streets of DC for a parking place as a cool way of seeing the city,” Campbell cheerfully explained. “I mean, we must have driven past the Capitol building about six times. That’s practically visiting it!”  She continued on to say that they even got to have their own champagne toast at midnight while sitting at a stoplight on Massachusetts Ave with a bottle they had packed for the road.

Even though nary a parking space was found, Campbell considered the evening an overall success, and after over 90 minutes of rummaging through the city, their night finally came to an end when they decided to pay $70 for valet parking at their hotel in Adams Morgan.

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