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New Richmond Calendar Is Just 12 Pages Of City Skyline Photos From Instagram

RICHMOND, Va. – After much anticipation, the city of Richmond has finally unveiled its new 2017 calendar which will feature 12 months of photos of the city’s downtown skyline taken from the same spot across from the James River.

The city skyline is one of the most popular views (and subsequent photographs) related to Richmond. According to Neil Scholens, who commissioned the calendar,  it’s nearly symbolic.

“The view on the James is just great; you really capture the true essence of downtown Richmond from there.” Scholens also described details of the calendar. “Each month will have the exact same picture taken from the exact same vantage point. It’ll be great. And some of them will probably be taken at sunset, or something, too.”

The calendar’s lead designer, Jessica Thanders, noted that all of the pictures were found on social media sites Instagram and Tumblr. “We sifted through about 3 million pictures of the same city skyline view, and narrowed it down to the best 20 or so. It was more challenging that we thought it would be because a lot of people’s shots were slightly blurred, or had some slight color altercation. We even saw some with those Snapchat effects. I guess that’s what todays ‘art’ is.”

The calendar will be available in most retail shops around the Richmond metropolitan area, and is expected to be a financial success, per Scholens. “Seriously, there’s a reason why this backdrop is everyone’s Facebook cover photo, and why at least one out of every five dating profiles have it too. If all goes well, we’ll do the same for 2018, and may even include skyline shots taken from Chimborazo and Church Hill.”

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