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Red Cross To Set Up Crisis Centers For Devastated Redskins Fans


WASHINGTON, DC – Following yet another disappointing play-off elimination for the Washington Redskins, the Red Cross announced yesterday that it would be setting up crisis centers for devastated fans who have been struggling to cope with the team’s recent loss.

Susan Davies, a spokesperson for the Red Cross, commented about the organization’s mission towards the disaster. “Every year, people say ‘this will be the year the Skins go all the way! HTTR!,’ which really builds a lot of hype and expectations in a many fans,” she explained in a recent statement. “And for the dedicated ones, it’s become a serious tragedy to see the team blow it in the first round playoffs year after year.”

The centers are planned to be set up throughout the Washington, DC metro area, in addition to parts of Virginia that have been hit hardest by the season’s results. So far, the public’s reaction to the announcement has been widely positive.

Alexandria resident Denise Thompson says she supports the crisis centers and welcomes them into the community. “We’ve all lost something; whether it be hope, friends, or money spent at Buffalo Wild Wings watching Josh Norman rack up penalties during the regular season,” she recollected. “A lot of us have friends and family that are Dallas fans, too, which only makes things worse.”

 Another grieving fan, Michael Burke, plans to attend one of the centers with his friends. “We just can’t believe it keeps happening,” he said in a recent interview, holding back tears. “They always look so good on paper, but then RG3 gets injured and you’re stuck with players who are past their prime and trying to keep up with running backs. I don’t know what else to do now.”

Davies assures that the centers will remain committed to the recovery of the fanbase.

“We want the healing process for these fans to begin with acceptance. Such as accepting the fact that it’s no longer the late 90s, and also acknowledging that Albert Haynesworth was basically a white elephant while he was with the team,” she continued. “Disaster relief is not a laughing matter. We’re going to stay side by side with these people until they’re back on their feet. Or until they find a new team. Whichever.”

The crisis centers are expected to be set up towards the end of January, although delays are expected due to ongoing tragedies in Cleveland.

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