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Urban Farmhouse to Open & Close 22 Locations in 2017

Urban Farmhouse

RICHMOND, Va. – Local coffee shop and cafe chain Urban Farmhouse has announced plans to open 22 new locations and then subsequently close said 22 locations in 2017. 

The ambitious plans are an expansion to 2016’s plan to open 9 and close 6 locations around Richmond, which, according to some businesses analysts, was “almost mildly successful.”

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the community’s response to our openings and closings this past year,” commented owner Mary Fitzgerald. All of the new locations will be in the Richmond metropolitan area, with a few being within a few blocks of another, largely in thanks to “great deals on real estate,” per Fitzgerald. 

To celebrate the expansion/contraction Urban Farmhouse will be doubling prices through the end of January, and expanding the menu to feature more iPhone-sized sandwiches. Although the improved menu isn’t complete just yet, Fitzgerald did reveal some details in a recent interview. “I can’t give away all of the surprises yet, but we’re working on a couple of delicious flatbreads made with all local ingredients that will cost $12 and only take 20 minutes each to make. They’ll pair great with either side option of three carrot sticks or one apple slice.”

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