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President Obama To Host Last Minute State Dinner At GWARbar

WASHINGTON, DC – According to a White House spokesperson, President Barack Obama is planning to host a spontaneous off-site state dinner at GWARbar in Richmond, Virginia.

GWARbar, a small restaurant & bar in the historic Jackson Ward district, was opened in 2014 and pays homage to GWAR, a popular metal band known for their over-the-top, blood-splattered concerts.

In a recent tweet while stuck in northern Virginia traffic, President Obama stated he has “rented the space out for a night before Trumps upcoming inauguration,” and was “looking forward to introducing foreign dignitaries to proper scumdog cuisine.”

According to reports, GWAR member Balsac the Jaws of Death is planning to oversee the culinary details of the dinner, while fellow member Beefcake the Mighty will supervise the hospitality aspects. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the official courses will likely include the Nachos Destructo, Steak Urungus, and the restaurant’s signature Jizmak ‘N Cheese.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be one of the guests in attendance. In a recent interview, she said she was “very excited to finally try the Baconecutioner.”

Local DJs will provide the music for the evening, playing an assortment of metal, post-punk, and, per request of President Obama, “some classic deathrock from the 80s.”

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