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Area Dad Finally Coming Around To Local Restaurant Scene

NORFOLK, Va. – After numerous years spent dining at various chain restaurants, it’s been reported that Harry Spetzer has taken a turn towards local restaurant establishments throughout the Hampton Roads area. The recent shift comes after wanting a change of pace from his normal Wednesday night routine; in a recent interview, Spetzer commented, “Well I was getting tired of getting the same burger at Ruby Tuesday, so I decided to try something different. I went over to the Byrd & Baldwin’s Steakhouse , and it was surprisingly good. A little more expensive at nearly $15 and it didn’t come with a side, but I really think it was worth it.” After feeling a resounding sense of adventure, Spetzer reportedly gathered up his family and immediately headed to the Freemason Abbey Restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen, and the No Frill Bar & Grill, all in the same night. While most of his family went along with positive attitudes, his youngest son Joey (aged 8) showed some resilience to the new restaurants, noting that “at least the Ruby Tuesday had a kids menu I could draw on, for Christ’s sake.”

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