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VCU Students Advocate For Unicycle Lane On Richmond Streets

RICHMOND, Va. – In a ploy to create additional means of transportation available for city residents, a group of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) students have recently advocated for the addition of a unicycle lane for the city’s streets.

The new proposal comes in the wake of the UCI Tournament held in Richmond in 2015. Since the tournament, alternative and eco-friendly methods of transportation have become a popular subject.

The support for unicycles began last year and has been growing rapidly. Jason Andrews, a junior studying art history at VCU, is spearheading the cause.

“Unicycles are going to be the future of transportation,” commented Andrews in a recent blog post. “They’re compact, maneuverable, and come at very little cost to purchase and maintain. Plus, they’re quite tacky; I mean, have you ever seen anyone on a unicycle completely lose it during a fit of road rage?”

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