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Hanover Resident Looking Forward To Warm Weather With Climate Change

ASHLAND, Va. – Following near-record highs during the winter season, Howard Lawson, a resident of Hanover County, is enjoying the current forecasted temperatures for the coming week. “Oh man, highs in the 60s in February? I’ll take it,” an excited Lawson commented in a recent interview. “If this is what the left calls ‘climate change,’ then sign me up!” While many others around the world have perceived a possibly changing climate as a warning of major meteorological shifts for the planet, some, including Lawson, are skeptical of any concern whatsoever. “Oh yeah, nothing to worry about at all. It was in the 30s over the weekend, so everything’s fine. Those scientists need to stop panicking and get outside and enjoy it.” Lawson, a lifelong Republican, went on to support the current administration’s stance towards climate change, noting that their overall resilience to accept it shows that there’s no need for concern. “Trump isn’t going to take it lightly; he wouldn’t let the planet kill us. He could probably negotiate a deal with Mother Nature if it came down to it.”

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