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Famous Band Stays At Quirk Hotel; Not Ready To Play Richmond Though

RICHMOND, Va. – Nearing completion of an extensive U.S. tour, the Grammy-winning rock band The Tetras have just arrived in Richmond for a much anticipated stay at the city’s Quirk Hotel.

“We’re stoked to be here and see what the Richmond vibe is all about,” commented lead singer Markus “Marky” Kelley. “We kept hearing from other bands and labels about how awesome Richmond is is so we made sure to include a stop on the tour. We’re definitely not ready to play here but someday soon.”

The overnight stay at Quirk marks The Tetras’ first visit to Richmond since forming in 2013. However, guitarist Johnny Hammers made a pit stop in the city while on an East Coast tour with his former band Gravity.

Although there has been much anticipation regarding their visit, The Tetras will not actually performing a concert in the city; they will only be staying at the Quirk. “Yeah Richmond is really cool and all, I just don’t think the city is there yet,” noted drummer Bobby Wilkes. “Maybe next time we’ll actually play a gig or something, it just feels a little soon though.”

“We are, however, totally fucking psyched about Quirk though. Bring on the overpriced room service deviled eggs and contemporary art-themed rooms. Let’s do this!”

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