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Pickle Next to Sandwich First Nourishment Area Man Has All Day

HENRICO, Va. – After a morning filled with numerous errands that carried well into the afternoon, local man Sylvester Gomez has reportedly consumed the complimentary pickle next to his club sandwich, which is the first substantial nourishment he’s had all day. According to his story, he finally appeased his digestive system with the pickle after receiving his lunch order at the local Alex’s Deli. “I left the house early this morning to get a head start on the errands I had to run and, in doing so, skipped breakfast.” Gomez finally stopped at Alex’s Deli and ordered a turkey sandwich that came with a side of chips and a pickle. “When my order was brought to the table, I didn’t even think about what to eat first—one half of the sandwich, or maybe a few chips. I just went for the pickle, inhaled, and half of it was gone.” Gomez’s digestive system could not be reached for comment; however, one source close to his intestines remarked that it was “grateful for the pickle,” and remained optimistic about the sandwich and other future dietary intake.

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