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Dominion Announces Plans To Move Entirely To Renewable Energy by 2030 Haha NVM JK LOL

RICHMOND, Va. – Dominion Energy, Inc., commonly referred to as Dominion, announced today that it would immediately begin implementing sweeping changes to its energy production & transfer processes as part of a massive, statewide initiative to move entirely to renewable energy by 2030. Dominion announced the highly ambitious program to replace all coal-fired and carbon-positive energy production with carbon negative renewable energy from wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric sources. The announcement is a welcome and radical shift in direction for Virginia, a state listed as 39th for its renewable energy efforts. “We have no other choice but to embrace the future and combat man-made climate change. We’re doing this not only to increase long-term profits, but also to protect our fragile environment without which we can’t exist, but most importantly for our children and our children’s children,” commented Dominion CEO Phillip Bartlett, “Will the transition be costly? Yes, but is it inevitable. And is it the right thing to do to address it now? Absolutely.”

As of press time Domin-, wait, nevermind, haha jk lol. Our bad.

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