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Byrd Theatre To Offer Chiropractic Care During Lengthy Shows

RICHMOND, Va. – Responding to consistent complaints from patrons regarding physical well-being and spinal alignment, the Byrd Theatre Foundation announced today the introduction of complimentary chiropractic services during most events. The service is expected to last until the much anticipated new seats are installed.  Jeremy Gill, a spokesperson for the Foundation, discussed the new amenity this morning, highlighting the theater’s concern for their patrons’ health as a top priority. “We know the current seats aren’t the most comfortable. Even thought the new seats are due in September, the last thing we want is for someone to develop a terminal arthritis condition during a screening of Citizen Kane between now and then.” The new arrangement will be as follows: shows, both cinematic and theatrical, exceeding one hour in length, will offer complimentary chiropractic services in the lobby. Licensed chiropractors will be available during the entire show, as well as during special 15 minute intermissions for those who don’t want to miss any of the performance. “Until we get the new seats in, this should help make everyone’s experience at the Byrd much more enjoyable and less threatening to your central nervous system.” To help cover the additional cost of chiropractors at shows, the theater will be raising ticket prices from $4 to $5 for all events.

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