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Stoney: $15 Million of New Richmond Budget Earmarked for Spilled Beer Cleanup

RICHMOND, Va. – Citing the growing presence of craft breweries in the city and a public demand for cleaner streets and infrastructure, Mayor Levar Stoney announced this week that approximately 30% of his proposed $681 million budget will be dedicated to the general maintenance of the Scott’s Addition neighborhood and cleaning the vast quantities of beer spilled there. “With the continued growth of breweries in this neighborhood, we cannot ignore the threat of dislodged beer flowing through our streets,” Stoney said, addressing the city council. “Uncapped growlers from tipsy young professionals leaving Ardent have become a public hazard; thus, it is in the public’s interest to keep the streets and sidewalks clean, dry, and odor-free of any pilsners or lagers that have been subject to a party foul.” In addition to removing spilled beer, the funds will also be spent on special handrails for stumbling youths, public awareness campaigns to help drunk roommates resolve shouting matches, and special signage that will help inebriated patrons find their Uber.

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