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Local Introverts Triumph in the Announcement of Richmond Cat Cafe

RICHMOND, Va. — Richmond has just announced plans for a new cat cafe, shrewdly named Central Purrk, opening up in Shockoe Bottom.

Handfuls of area introverts are dusting off their shoes, eager for the opportunity to interact with new cats. “I love my cats and can rarely justify any reason to leave them,” Fan resident Gabby Anderson says, shooing her medley of kittens away from the front door. “But an entire room full of cats, ones that I can even adopt … that’s enough to make me want to find my car keys.”

Central Purrk will feature a cafe on one side and a gift shop inundated with cats available for adoption on the other side. Cafe owner and feline enthusiast Ann Meekins explains the thought process behind the business model: “I wanted to give introverts a place to go besides the library or their couch. And cats are a great way to get people together without requiring any major social interaction.”

The shop, launching in mid-April, will display signs encouraging customers to pet the cats but to not socialize with strangers.

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