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Area Man Suffers Heart Attack While Dining at Shyndigz; Family Finishes Dessert Before Calling 911

RICHMOND, Va. — Local Richmond resident, Bob Calhoun, suffered a major heart attack last Thursday while dining at Fan bakery, Shyndigz. He was with his wife and two daughters when he claims he started feeling sharp chest pains and shortness of breath. Calhoun immediately stopped eating and frantically indicated to his family to call for help. Minutes later, he passed out on the floor. Once his family had finished eating their desserts, they called 911 and an ambulance arrived shortly after.

“I was a quarter, maybe almost halfway, through my salted chocolate caramel cake when my husband started hyperventilating and holding his hands to his chest,” the victim’s wife, Theresa Calhoun, reported to Emergency Room doctors. “I knew that he was having a heart attack. But I just couldn’t find the strength to put my fork down and pick up my phone until after I had finished.”

Calhoun had to go in for bypass surgery immediately upon arrival to the hospital. “If his family had waited any longer to call, he may not be sitting here with us today,” said head cardiac surgeon, Daniel C. Rossi, MD.

Calhoun will be released from the hospital within the next two days and is expected to make a full recovery.

“If this had happened at the Cheesecake Factory we would have called 911 right away,” Theresa Calhoun asserted. “We’re not savages.”

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