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Report: Area Man Considering Going to Bar After Seeing Bartender’s Facebook Post

RICHMOND, Va. — After hours of scrolling through his lengthy Facebook feed, it’s just been reported that Matt Thompson has seen a post from his friend Connor Hanson, a bartender at Wong Gonzalez. Hanson encouraged all of his friends to come see him behind the bar tonight, and Thompson is now thinking about doing it.

He happened to see Hanson’s post earlier in the day, reading “Slingin drinks behind the bar at Wong with my no. 1 girl Kristina tonight. Highball specials all night, come say hey & see whats up.”

Thompson and Hanson had an Introduction to Psychology class together during their second semester at VCU. They’ve since lost touch, aside from a few run-ins around town and some light social media exchanges. But this evening, the temptation of “slingin drinks” and “highball specials” might just be enough to bring Thompson out.

Thompson is eager to see Hanson while he’s behind the bar. “It would be cool to see the guy I once knew as just a fellow student now bartending at a prominent bar in the city of Richmond.”

When reached for comment, Hanson remarked, “Oh, it’s a habit — I usually say something on Facebook if I’m about to go into work. Whenever I have people I know at the bar, we get better tips by the end of the night.”

At press time, there was no official word on Thompson’s decision.


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