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Kabana Rooftop Bartab Exceeds All Expectations

RICHMOND, Va. — Fan resident Brad Garfield, 27, expressed shock and disbelief after receiving his bar tab Friday night at popular downtown rooftop bar Kabana. Garfield reportedly spent just over one hour at Kabana with friends Jessica and Meredith and had been enjoying himself until the bill came. “Wow! We were absolutely stunned, it far exceeded my expectations,” commented Garfield. “I think we got, like, two martinis and some gin thing served in a plastic tiki glass. What’s the cost of goods there? $2? $3? And then they get to charge me $20 or something for it? Just wow.” Kabana is known for its rooftop views of Richmond and nightlife atmosphere. “If I could give six stars for the price I would. Just incredible.” Afterward, it was reported that Garfield had begun saving his disposable income for another visit to Kabana sometime later this summer.

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