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Area Man Disappointed By Texas Beach After Failing to Receive Contact High

RICHMOND, Va. — Last Saturday afternoon, Chris Creeger went to Texas Beach in hopes of getting a contact high from the marijuana smoke of fellow river-goers.

A contact high, which results from second-hand cannabis smoke, is a cheap and common method for getting high. For many years, Texas Beach has been known as a location for young people imbibing large amounts of marijuana. The lingering smoke in the atmosphere creates an ideal environment for a contact high and is part of why so many younger individuals frequent the area.

“I ran out of weed a few days ago, but I figured there would be enough second-hand smoke to get me stoned,” Creeger said of his intentions for visiting the area. “But there’s, like, no one smoking. So weird, man. There’s just some family with a pug.”

Creeger told reporters he had packed several comic books, eight bags of Funyuns, and a yoga mat in anticipation of a contact high.

After 30 minutes, Creeger was reportedly seen making another attempt at Cary Street Café.

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