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Mechanicsville Resident Left With Bulk Order of Anti-President Clinton Stickers

RICHMOND, Va. — Elmer Hubbard, a Trump voter, was just as surprised as anyone else when the election results came rolling in.

“The Lord has answered my prayers,” Hubbard said, “but not as to what I’m supposed to do with all these darn ‘Ms. President for Prison’ stickers. I’ve also got a ton of ‘Hillary for Prison’ stickers too. Anyone want ’em?”

Hubbard ordered 1,000 of the custom stickers through a catalog, to be sold at local events such as Tea Party meetings and to his church friends. But on November 8, 2016, he didn’t know whether to celebrate or to worry that his new business had already folded.

“I wanted everyone to know how much I and other good town folk didn’t approve of Killary or the Establishment,” he said. “On November 7, I put two on my Chevy to let everyone know I didn’t like Obummer’s minions, especially not her. But now there ain’t much use for them and everyone’s trucks are covered in Trump stickers.”

Currently, Hubbard has sold 10 of the 1,000 stickers to members of his Bible study group.


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