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Devils Backbone Brewery Accused of Prank Phone Calling Nearby Wineries

NELSON COUNTY, Va. — Reports are coming in that the popular beer brewing company Devils Backbone is accused of making prank phone calls to nearby wineries in the central Virginia area. According to authorities, the phone calls have been “merely immature foolishness, with no intent whatsoever except to disrupt the winemaking process.”  
Numerous wineries have claimed Devils Backbone employees have called, often asking the traditional prank questions. Ashley Farstell, an employee of Cooper Vineyards, said, “It started out with the normal, run-of-the-mill games, like ‘Is your chilling pod running?’ But whenever we answered yes, the person on the other end would just laugh and say, ‘Well it can run from the Devil!’ and hang up. Who does that?”
While the true identity of the caller could never be identified, the call itself was traced back to the brewery’s headquarters in Roseland.
Flying Fox Vineyard, located about 10 miles from Devils Backbone Brewing Company, has also fallen victim to the phone calls. According to employee Jason Hughes, many of the calls have made reference to the Trail Angel Weiss, the name of DB’s seasonal Bavarian-style Hefeweizen. “One week, the caller just kept on warning us that ‘The Trail Angel is coming for ya!’ It was pretty bizarre.”
When reached for comment, representatives from Devils Backbone denied any responsibility for the calls, claiming, “We’ve been too busy making sure our upcoming Cran-Gose is perfected to play silly games. By the way, our limited edition Trail Angel Weiss beer is available in stores now, $10.99 a six pack. Buy early to avoid disappointment.”

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