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Brunch Patron Unsure Of Different Fried Egg Styles

RICHMOND, Va. — Last weekend Bridget Kemper went out to brunch with a group of friends from graduate school.

When they arrived and were seated, their server, Marissa King, came over to take their drink orders. King had just started working at the restaurant a month before.

She brought their drinks to them, then gave the group time to decide on their food.

Kemper landed on the restaurant’s “Breakfast Plate,” an assortment of bacon, hash browns, toast, and patron’s choice of eggs. When it was time to order, Kemper told the waitress what she wanted. However, she froze when asked how she wanted her eggs cooked.

“I didn’t know what she was saying, to be honest,” Kemper recalls. “When I was growing up, we didn’t really eat eggs that often. And I still don’t. I just picked that dish because I’ve heard this place has the best hash browns in Richmond. I didn’t even care about the eggs, I wasn’t even going to eat them probably, but the girl [the server] kept grilling me on how I wanted them cooked. I told her I just wanted them regular. It was kind of embarrassing.”

Other members of the group reported that the server had listed an extensive variety of fried egg choices, including sunny side up, sunny side down, baked, over easy, over medium, and over hard.

Kemper told reporters that during the incident she had “giggled awkwardly and told the girl to surprise me.”

At press time, King was found smoking a cigarette in the alleyway behind the restaurant. “Jesus, they’re just eggs,” King said. “I need a new job.”

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