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Bow Tie Movieland Voted Best and Worst Place to See a Movie in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. — A recent public opinion poll revealed that Bow Tie Movieland located at Boulevard Square is currently regarded as both the best and the worst place in Richmond to see a movie. In a dead heat of votes neither opinion was ever able to break away with a lead. While some would believe that this result is simply indicative of a lack of competition, the comments left on the poll clearly showed a passionate public.

“The history of this building is fantastic and I love that you can grab a quick beer in the theater before the movie,” extolled Susan Buckley. “All that aside I always feel dirty after my movie, and even the sidewalks outside are sticky with spilt soda.”

Local cinephile Edward Jones wrote that “The Criterion theater at Bow Tie is the only half-decent place in the area to catch screenings of rare arthouse pictures, but it’s also a less than half-decent place to watch a movie since the screen is smaller than my television.”

Another frequent complaint was the popularity of the centrally located theater; many mentioned the lack of ticket availability on major opening weekends and the need to claim seats some 60 minutes in advance of the movie.

Praise for the theater ranged from it’s wide selection of films, extensive concessions menu, and comfortable seats. Criticism, on the other hand, spanned just as many topics targeting the same seats for being inconvenient for anyone sitting behind someone reclining, the extensive concessions selection ending up on the floor and in shoes, and the general willingness of the public to act like a loud obnoxious mess of a person while inside the movie theater.

The poll was generated by a local business and presented to customers in a short commercial before the screening of films at various local theaters. Many ushers observed moviegoers completing the poll on their phones halfway through their movie.


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