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Chester Man Doesn’t Care Who Said What to Who, Just Wants to Watch “The Price Is Right”

CHESTER, Va. — While much of the nation is following the highly-anticipated testimony of former FBI Director James Comey today, Willis Oaks, a resident of the Chester area, is not interested and would rather watch “The Price is Right.” “I’ve watched my game shows every day for the last twelve years. Today I turn on the TV and it’s just some guy in a suit being yelled at,” commented a noticeably irate Oaks. “It must be some lousy new game show. This guy is just sitting there answering difficult questions and every answer is wrong.” Oaks has stated that he’s going to try looking for another game show on another channel, although he has his reservations. “I like my Price is Right. This is gonna jam up my nap schedule, I just know it.”

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