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Area Mom Reports Second Debut by Goodwill Just a More-Expensive Goodwill

RICHMOND, Va. — Hanover County resident Kathy Jones has just reported her recent discovery that Second Debut by Goodwill, located in Carytown, appears to be just a higher-priced version of the original Goodwill store.

Jones is an involved mother of three and claims that she loves budgeting and saving money as much as possible.

“Someone in my book club told me about this place, and it just sounded so, well, fancy,” Jones said. “I’ve been looking for a nice evening gown to wear to my upcoming PTA function, and I thought this would be just the place.”

Jones told reporters that she made a rare trip into Carytown, even though she doesn’t like to drive to the city because of the parking. She was, however, dismayed to find that all of the clothing and home goods were much more expensive than those at standard Goodwill stores, despite being of similar quality.

“It was exactly like the Goodwill I always go to, but good heavens, the prices were extravagant,” Jones recalled. “Maybe everything was sorted out a little bit better. But $20 for a pair of dress pants? No siree. Not for all the coupons in the world.”

At press time, Jones was found browsing items that matched the “color of the week” discount at her local Mechanicsville Goodwill.

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