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VCU Social Work Major Refers to Lombardy Street Kroger as “At Risk Kroger”

RICHMOND, Va. — Madison Vaughn, a senior in the VCU Social Work department, has just reported her analysis that the Lombardy Street Kroger is an “at risk” Kroger.

“Ever since I started shopping there, I had the sense that whoever started that Kroger gave up on it at an early age,” Vaughn told reporters.

The Lombardy Street Kroger is one of six Kroger stores in the Richmond area. Though it provides customers with the same basic grocery guarantees as its fellow Kroger marketplaces, many detrimental aspects have led to its unpopularity among consumers.

Most shopper complaints stem from its hostile community, negative disposition, and dysfunctional environment.

“It’s been exposed to a lot of outside factors that have lead to its adverse operational issues, and I just don’t feel that it’s gotten the attention that all of the other Krogers have received,” Vaughn continued. “A lot of people talk badly about it, or even avoid it, which simply makes the problem worse. But if you look past its obstinate exterior, you’d find that it’s exactly like all of the other area Krogers and has just as much chance of succeeding as they do.”

Based on HIPAA regulations, Vaughn refused to break confidentiality by responding to further questions.


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