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Ghost Of Patrick Henry Kicked Out Of Patrick Henry Pub

RICHMOND, Va. – During a lively evening in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood, it’s been reported that the ghost of Patrick Henry was ejected from the Patrick Henry Pub & Grille. According to eyewitness accounts, after consuming a few beers, the ghost of Mr. Henry became belligerent and started arguments with other patrons about the current state of the nation. One customer, Samantha Chloe, saw the incident from the beginning. “He just started yelling about how ‘the Founding Fathers wouldn’t have stood for this nonsense,’ and declared ‘give me a pint or give me death!’ to the bartender when he was asked to quiet down.” Jason Delora, an employee at the pub, also had a similar account: “One minute he was downing Harp Lagers, and then the next he was slurring on about how ‘the Federalists should take back the White House.’ We’re all fans of the guy, but I don’t think anyone wanted to get into politics at the bar.” Despite all of the warnings from the staff, the overly intoxicated spirit did not calm down and was asked to leave around 1 a.m. Delora reported Henry began quoting parts of the Bill of Rights while he was escorted out and promptly urinated on the side of a building, while shouting, “How’s that for a revolution?”

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