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Six Things You Need to Know About Ed Gillespie

As part of our ongoing coverage of the 2017 governor’s race, The Peedmont collected the six most need-to-know facts about Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie.

His Favorite TV Show is Lost
Gillespie once called series creator J.J. Abrams a “stunning visionary” and remarked that the show “pretty much was art on TV.” When asked what really made the show standout in his mind Gillespie identified it’s “ability to raise questions, not even answer them ever, and totally get away with it. I really respect that.”

He Refuses to Enter any Forest
Since childhood Gillespie has approached forested areas with respect and caution. “I don’t like an unpredictable situation and forests represent an endless series of mysteries and surprises. What’s under all those fallen leaves? Dirt? A root? A snake? No thank you.”

He Always Wears a Hat During Yard Work
What’s worse than an unkempt lawn? How about a sunburnt forehead. Gillespie never cares for his yard without first taking care of his head. “A lot of young bucks will say a hat on a hot summer day just makes the heat worse, but my face thanks me for the shade and I’ve found that hats actually keep sweat out of your eyes. They’re pretty cool.”

He Prefers to Watch Sports on Mute
“The game used to be enough, but now they dress it up with all kinds of useless razzle-dazzle,” Gillespie complained about modern sports coverage. That’s why the candidate prefers to enjoy the big Sunday game with mute turned on and his shoes off, but with his socks still on.

He Considers Mayonnaise “Too Spicy”
Gillespie is the first to volunteer that he is not “some kind of spice guy.” He prefers his foods served plain to better enjoy the natural flavors. He recently tried a walk on the wild side by getting some mayonnaise on a roast beef sandwich but quickly discovered that condiment added too much heat. “I don’t like anything too spicy and the mayo really pushed the sandwich over that line,” Gillespie said.

He is a Former Parcheesi National Champion
When it comes to parlor games Gillespie knows a few tricks. The modest candidate rarely shares his previous accolades, but in his youth he was a Parcheesi Champion on the national stage. Thrice Gillespie took home the top prize and earned himself the nickname “The Three Time Kid,” but he claims that no one really calls him that anymore.

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