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Fan Resident Who Hasn’t Returned Air Bud 5 Relieved About Video Fan Closing

RICHMOND, Va. — Video Fan, a beloved video store that has served Richmond’s Fan District for over 30 years, recently announced that they are closing their doors. While the community mourns the loss of this neighborhood staple, one Fan resident experienced secret relief over the news.

Alissa Brooks said that she has been in possession of “Air Bud 5: Air Bud Spikes Back” for nearly eight years, after renting the movie from Video Fan in August 2009. She chose the direct-to-video movie, in which Air Bud discovers that he is an exceptional beach volleyball player, for a quiet night in after being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, Devin Callaway.

Brooks recalled the night that she walked down to Video Fan, desperate for anything to distract her from her troubles. She spotted “Air Bud 5” and hoped that watching the athletically-gifted golden retriever dominate the net would ease her heartbreak.

“I decided to do the three-day rental, which I thought would be plenty of time,” Brooks said. “But I didn’t expect Devin to be waiting for me at my apartment when I got home, totally throwing off my plan for the night. We talked things over and ended up getting back together, so I never even watched “Air Bud 5.” In fact, all the emotional hubbub made me forget about it completely.”

Brooks further noted that after the movie got mixed in with her DVD collection, she forgot about it altogether. Every few months, Brooks would spot it on her bookshelf while picking out a different movie and would briefly be filled with panic at the thought of her pending overdue fees. Brooks admitted that in these moments, she assumed that the issue would just resolve itself somehow, leading her to neglect the movie’s return yet again.

“So when I heard that Video Fan was actually closing, I was secretly relieved,” Brooks confessed. “Sure, I felt a tiny bit guilty for half-wishing this upon them, but I’m not losing any sleep over it. I honestly think I did that place more good than bad by holding onto “Air Bud” for them. I finally got around to seeing it, and Jesus H. Christ, what a piece of shit.”

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