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900 People Line Up at Veil for Single Can of Newest IPA

RICHMOND, Va. — Last Saturday an estimated 900 individuals lined up at The Veil Brewing Co. for their newest craft beer release. The beer, a single can of IPA, is said to be their rarest batch yet.

Brewers named the beer “Best Best IPA IPA Ever Ever.” Head brewer Chris Whitaker explained that the beer was too esoteric to share with the general public. “I doubt there’s any beer in the world that tastes like it, but I have no idea,” Whitaker said. “I don’t drink beer that’s not brewed by The Veil. Why would I do that to myself?”

There was vehement competition in the beer community for obtaining the single can; many people camped out overnight at the brewery and some claimed to have taken the entire week off of work. The person who did end up with the brew, Doug McGuire, claimed that he had to quit his job in order to ensure his spot at the front of the line. “It was worth it,” McGuire said. “My buddies were so jealous, and I instantly earned all of the badges on Untappd. Oh, and the beer was pretty good.”

When asked if Veil was planning to ever make another batch so more people could try it, Whitaker chuckled loudly and asked, “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

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1 Comment on 900 People Line Up at Veil for Single Can of Newest IPA

  1. Jubilation T. Cornpone // July 23, 2017 at 4:45 am // Reply

    Y’all are killing it! Kudos from a boring old 56 year old invisible man from Henrico.


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