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TNT Announces Plans for Spin Off: “Law & Order: RVA”

HOLLYWOOD, Ca. — After months of speculation, it appears that the “Law & Order” franchise is adding one more show to its repertoire. The new show, called “Law & Order: RVA,” will focus on stories in and around the Richmond, Virginia area.

Just like all shows under the “Law & Order” banner, stories will be ripped from the headlines. Detectives will solve the crimes and commonwealth’s attorneys will prosecute the offenders. As a nod to Richmond’s Southern roots, the show’s familiar “DUN DUN” sound will have a bit of a twang to it.

When asked why Richmond, producer Franklin Addis said that it was the potential variety that led him to choose Richmond over hundreds of other cities, with its combination of small town Southern charm and big city violence.

“See, the great thing about Richmond is yeah, you got a lot of murder,” Addis said. “But let’s say we want to get away from homicide for an episode or two. Focus on something a little bit off the beaten path, like who stole Mrs. MacPhee’s prize-winning ficus. We can go there. That type of stuff happens in Richmond all the time. Then, if we feel like that’s not really happening with the kids, we get back to the murders.”

While the cast for “Law & Order: RVA” has yet to be announced, viewers will definitely see some familiar faces. Casting director Judy Rice believes that although the actors will be top-notch, the City of Richmond will be the real star.

“Just as New York played so heavily into the original ‘Law & Order,’ so too will Richmond be a large part of ‘RVA,’” Rice explained. “They’ll say things like ‘Let’s head over to Grove Avenue for a bite to eat before solving this crime.’ Stuff like that. We’re also under contractual obligation to feature at least one statue and one shot of the James River in every episode.”

While production is forthcoming, Addis said he’s looking forward to enjoying the city while he works.

“We start shooting in two weeks,” Addis stated. “Hopefully there will be some time in between to get a tattoo.”

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