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“So is this solar eclipse thing something they can delay classes for?” Asks UVA Freshman

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Eagerly hoping for a postponed start to the fall semester, University of Virginia freshman Michael Garrett asked his friends if the upcoming solar eclipse could delay the start of the school’s classes, sources confirmed Monday. Although classes are not scheduled to start until tomorrow, Garrett expressed concern the school was not taking the potential threat seriously. “This eclipse seems like a pretty big deal,” Garrett explained and further elaborated that other similar phenomena, such as major weather events, have led to school closures in the past. “I’m not saying we definitely have to cancel class, but everyone is talking about how harmful it could be on your eyes. We wouldn’t want our professors having to prepare for us on a day like that, so maybe it’s just better to push everything back.” The English major was last seen googling “Did Virginia Tech shut down campus today?” in his McCormick Road dorm room.

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