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New VCU Dorms for Art History Students Adorned With 12th Century Tapestries

RICHMOND, Va. — According to an announcement from VCU’s office of Residential Life and Housing, newly finished student dormitory Lombard Hall has been furnished with rare medieval tapestries.

The dorms, which are designated for art history majors, feature recently refurbished Louis XVI style writing desks, Victorian-era chamber pots, and a marble colonnade lined with busts of Roman emperors.

The new building is a direct response to several years of student complaints that certain VCU departments, primarily the School of Business and VCU Sports, receive an inordinate share of funding and attention.

“The students spoke and we listened,” Jason Brewer, head of Residential Life and Housing, commented. “We heard a lot of great feedback from the Department of Art History and we’re excited to offer our students amenities that are aligned with their field of study, including 19th century Japanese block prints in the elevators and key cards designed by Damien Hirst.”

Following a week-long feast to christen the stunning building, students have begun to move into Lombard Hall.

“I can’t wait to see what Lombo is like,”  incoming freshman Julia Windgate said. “It’s about time art history majors are given accommodations befitting our status.”

Students are asked to stagger arrival times so as not to crowd the carriage house.

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