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Governor McAuliffe Totally Regrets Drunk Vetoing That Bill Last Night

RICHMOND, Va. — In a recent Peedmont interview, Virginia Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe expressed regret for vetoing a spending bill after a few too many beers last night.

“I said I wouldn’t do this anymore,” commented McAuliffe. “I totally hate myself right now.”

An avid beer enthusiast, the governor is often seen visiting local breweries around Richmond, especially following long days battling a Republican-held House of Delegates.

According to McAuliffe, he wasn’t expecting to veto any bills that night. The governor had originally planned on visiting Triple Crossing Brewing Company for a few rounds with Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and then calling it a day.

“A few rounds” turned into a four-hour-long drinking session after state Attorney General Mark Herring showed up. The governor apparently returned to the Governor’s Mansion around 11:30 p.m. and proceeded to his office, ranting about “a billion outrageous bills” and “that sweet veto power.”

According to a senior staff member speaking on condition of anonymity, Governor McAuliffe proceeded to veto an old bill that hadn’t been mentioned for several months.

“It’d been some time since I saw a bill and I guess I just missed the feeling,” commented McAuliffe. “It was a one-time veto, I swear.”

As of press time the governor was seen watching old episodes of “Friends” on Netflix with the blinds drawn, asking for more Advil.

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