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Isley Brewery Caught Repackaging Miller High Life as Newest Lager

RICHMOND, Va. — A recent city health inspection discovered that Isley Brewing Company has been repackaging cans of Miller High Life and branding it as their newest lager.

Isley opened in 2013 in Scott’s Addition and is known in the Richmond area for its flagship beers Choosy Mother and Plain Jane, but offers a wide selection of other beer styles. However, during an annual health inspection, officials uncovered multiple cases of Miller High Life that the brewers were rebranding and selling as their own original product.

“I thought it tasted just fine,” Jesse McDonald, a regular at Isley, commented. “But I think all of their beers are fine. Really I just come here for the Kenny Chesney cover bands and the cornhole tournaments.”

“We’re cost-conscious folks,” owner Bob McAlhany explained. “A lot of people don’t know this, but lagers are one of the most time-consuming and expensive types of beer to produce. We analyzed the numbers and found that it was just easier and more efficient to buy cases of Miller High Life than to brew a full batch ourselves.”

This is not the first time Isley made the choice to cut costs by repackaging an outside beer. ”Our most popular beer, the Choosy Mother porter, is just Guinness mixed with peanut butter. Nobody seemed to get all fussy about that.”

In a statement to the media earlier this week, Isley representatives apologized for the scandal, but promised to move forward and continue to provide quality products, live music every Sunday, and the sound of giant Jenga getting knocked over four times every hour.

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