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Local Uber Driver Retires After One Weekend of Shuttling Clubgoers Between Tobacco Co. and Siné

RICHMOND, Va. — Local Richmond resident Pat McGuire has just quit his brief stint as a driver for Uber due to the monotony of his route.

Uber, a ridesharing program where drivers use their own cars to shuttle patrons to their destinations, came to Richmond in the summer of 2014. Employees earn a cut of each transaction, and many use Uber for extra income on the side. McGuire, a high school teacher in Hanover County, decided to sign up after some of his colleagues spoke highly of the quick and easy revenue.

However, after his first two nights of work, McGuire officially gave up on his second job.

“I thought working as an Uber driver I would meet some interesting people,” McGuire said. “You know, get to know the city a little more. But all I did was pick up drunk people and drive them up and down Shockoe Slip. It’s two blocks for God’s sake.”

Even after only two nights of work, McGuire recounted stories of couples hooking up in his backseat, many near-puking incidents, and a stiletto puncturing the passenger-side headrest.

McGuire told reporters he planned to try driving for OrderUp instead. “At least then I won’t have anyone demanding that I turn on Q94.”

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