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Spotlight: Lynchburg Couple Founds Charity For Wayward Liberty Students

Lynchburg, Va.– In a grand Victorian in Diamond Hill, one can find The Straightened Arrow, a treatment center for troubled young women. It is within these warmly painted walls that a pair of Liberty University alumni has created a sanctuary for the lost, the hopeless, and the degenerate. Michelle and Robert Miller, married in 1998, founded the charity two years ago and have made it their life’s mission to rehabilitate and spiritually save Liberty girls who have fallen to the wayside.

“We love all things Liberty,” exclaimed Michelle. “Even those students who fornicate in spirit with the devil.”

It is a cool, crisp Saturday morning when I am treated to a tour of the facilities. I look across the comfortably decorated parlor and notice a girl sitting alone, staring longingly out one of the large turret windows. When asked about the girl’s background, Michelle let out a sad sigh. “Rachel is one of our first clients and a special case. She was found by Liberty staff last April sharing bodily fluids with a boy in a janitorial closet and has had no contact with her parents since her expulsion date.”

I asked her if she was referring to sexual intercourse.

“Thank heavens, no! They were kissing! Luckily for Rachel, we are practicing the most effective conversion therapies in hope of restoring her to her family. Electroshock has proven to be especially effective. We believe that with a little positivity and prayer, she will be able to resist her natural, biological urges the way Jesus intended.”

Individuals like Michelle and Robert Miller inspire and give hope to the rest of us. Most logical and sane people would have rightfully given up on Rachel. But with hard work and prayer, she now has a chance to re-enter society as a reformed Christian and an example to all that even the most depraved can find redemption.

“We want to teach our girls that intercourse is something only married couples do once a year, blindfolded, and set to the sweet soundtrack of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ,” added Robert.

After receiving a tour of the home, Robert took me on a stroll through the immaculately kept gardens as he described the strict schedule set for the participants. Days start early at 5:00 am.  Breakfast is followed by five hours of scriptural study. After lunch, afternoons are dedicated to individual treatment and silent reflection. The girls bathe on Mondays and Thursdays with diluted bleach and painters rags. Visitors are allowed on Saturdays.

“We like to reward the girls for active participation in the program. If they behave, we allow them to read the book of Genesis and listen to Josh Groban albums on Sundays.”

It is clear that the Millers care about all of their participants, no matter the circumstances under which they arrived at The Straightened Arrow.  One young lady, a former Liberty education major, found herself in the program after becoming addicted to R-rated movies.  Another girl was expelled after questioning a professor on the origin of dinosaurs, asking if there was indeed a possibility they could be more than 6000 years old.  Even a suspected masturbator, who was found with a Ouija board in her dorm room, has found a place at the center.

“We love all our girls, because we recognize that as humans, we all sin,” explained Michelle. “Its just that some sinners are bound for eternal hellfire, forever to tread in a burning lake of sulfur. Who are we to judge?”

1 Comment on Spotlight: Lynchburg Couple Founds Charity For Wayward Liberty Students

  1. I like the support for fornication in moderation(annually) while blindfolded. I feel this keeps the mind pure and the body burning with undying passion. That same passion can be channeled into more spiritual realms. Good to see.


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