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Dirtwoman’s Passing Causes City-wide Quirky Score to Plummet

RICHMOND, Va. — Following the untimely passing of Donnie “Dirtwoman” Corker, a staple in Richmond’s culture for over 30 years, experts are suggesting that the city has lost a significant amount of ‘quirky’ points this week.

“He was about as RVA as Richmond can get,” Simon Holmes, a research associate from the Virginia Commonwealth University campus, reported, adding that Dirtwoman’s vivacious character set an example for many to follow. “His presence in the LGBTQ and alternative communities, combined with his colorful personality, made him one of the most influential Richmonders in modern times. Losing Dirtwoman put us back 41 percent; the last time we took a hit this bad was when Brockie passed in 2014.”

While the city will mourn the loss of Dirtwoman, Holmes went on to recommend that in order to regain our ‘quirky’ points Richmonders need to follow in Dirtwoman’s footsteps by being courageously true to one’s self, and to possibly add a second weekend of GWAR B-Q every May.

“The latter wouldn’t be the worst idea, certainly,” he concluded.

photo credit: Flickr

The Peedmont extends our condolences to those close to Dirtwoman, and wishes his friends, family, and the community well during this tough time.

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