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Ed Gillespie Pays Bucket Drummers Extra To “Turn Down That Racket”

RICHMOND, Va. — Following a rally at the downtown Greater Richmond Convention Center, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie reportedly paid the local bucket drummers busking outside of the building a few extra dollars to quiet down for the evening.

“Those drummers are too darn loud, and I swear the entire city can hear it every time that one guy hits the empty water jug,” Gillespie commented upon exiting the convention center.

He went on to explain that he gave them approximately $4 while asking, “if [they] could please turn down that racket and stop playing,” hoping they would accept the gesture and pack away their things. “They didn’t even slow down; they just looked up at me, politely smiled, and kept playing away,” he remarked.

Gillespie announced to reporters before leaving that, if elected, he would pursue enacting a new noise ordinance throughout the city in an effort to “finally get those darn kids to turn down the music once and for all.”


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